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In Environmentally Friendly
Wood Finishes, Stains
and Finish Removers


Wood Lacquers, Polyurethanes, Varnishes, Stains,
Floor Finishes, Concrete Sealers, Finish Removers

We manufacture, market and distribute environmentally responsible, virtually odorless wood  finishing and refinishing products for wood furniture, wood flooring, exterior application, and above waterline marine wood application. All these products, by design are non-flammable and truly non-hazardous. Some of the finishes, like our RESISTHANE™, SuperLac™ POLYURETHANE and Penetrating Stain meet the Green Technology™ Formula standards. That is, are formulated with a minimal environmental impact: extremely environmentally friendly; contain no hazardous ingredients; contain very low VOC's; are virtually odorless; and will not affect chemically sensitive individuals.

Look for the Green Technology™ Formula logo next to the product as indicative of being truly green and environmentally safe, and not just water-based, or assumed. You can learn more about the Green Technology Formula standards by clicking here.

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