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About Us HYDROCOTE Company
HYDROCOTE is a well established leader in environmentally friendly wood finishes. We began developing and manufacturing water-based clear wood finishes back in 1985, long before others even thought about environmentally responsible products of this kind. As such we are years ahead of competition in technology and product innovations as given below.

We offer performance engineered, cutting edge technology wood finishes, stains and other related products that are non-flammable, non-toxic and truly environmentally safe. Above all, most of our products are non-hazardous and meet the Green Technology™ Formula standards, like our Resisthane PlusTM, SuperLacTM, Clear Wood Sealer, Polyurethane and the Penetrating Stain.

To learn more about the Green Technology™ Formula standards click here or, on the Green Technology logo at right. This standard goes beyond recyclable packaging and energy efficiency as required by "green" movement. Green Technology Formula standards, along with the aforementioned restricts the use of hazardous and toxic ingredients within the product's formula.

Our Resisthane PlusTM, for example, aside from having warmth, clarity and durability like no other water-based finish on the market, is also widely used for and by chemically sensitive individuals because it does not contain hazardous ingredients. The first wood finish certified by Green Seal in 2005. Click here to learn more about Green Seal. A cutting edge technology that has evolved since 1985, years ahead of any competitor. No wonder Resisthane PlusTM is the top selling clear wood finish on the market and the top rated water-based wood finish by Fine Woodworking magazine in its November/December 2006 issue.


Our Mission
To be the leader and innovator in environmentally responsible wood finishes with stellar reputation for product performance and quality, technical support, and superb customer service.

How We Market Our Products

At this time we market our products through a small, but extremely effective network of industrial distributors throughout United States. Some of these distributors have retail outlets as well. Please consult the Distributors/Dealers page for further information.

Our sister company Hood Finishing Products, Inc
. distributes not only HYDROCOTE
brand finishes, but also its own "green" technology floor finishes and stains, as well as solvent based finishes to enhance your woodworking needs.

At this time, by design, we do not sell through retail stores such as Home Depot or Lowes, rather through only a handful, but extremely effective distributors. This affords you superior quality products though at home improvement prices or below.

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